Ryco Docks


Docks that will Last a Lifetime Dedication, Quality and Trust

Ryco Customs was formed in April of 2006. While being an established manufacturer and fabrication shop for many years, the market began to expand into different areas of interest. Custom fabrication was most definitely in high demand. It didn’t take long before friends and current customers were asking about a quality residential dock product. With many years of boating and lake experiences, we found higher demand than expected to supply a few customers with a custom dock arrangements for their properties. People were just tired of paying for high cost installs and removal annually. It was time to manufacturer a product that was light, user friendly, looked amazing, and would actually last a lifetime with very little maintenance costs.


Ryco aluminum docks are designed to perfection and crafted without compromise. A vast array of options and accessories bring your vision to life. All factory manufactured components are constructed of marine grade aluminum. The components used to construct residential docks are designed for the demands of marina and commercial use, ensuring structural integrity and durability. Together, we create a dock that’s perpetually beautiful and uniquely yours.


Because the same dock doesn't work for everyone. Build a custom dock to fit your needs.

Aluminum & Plastic Decking

Bring your vision to life.

Array of Colors

Powder coat finishes at their finest.

Adjustable Legs

Accommodating multiple types of lake bottoms.